Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Independence day

Someone reminded me that the calenders of 1947 and 2014 are similar.On verification,I found it to be true.I felt this to be nothing but new independence.

I believe that there is no coincidence in the world.Says Swami Vivekananda-'There is nothing called an accident in the universe'.Behind every incident in our lives,behind every incident that happens in the world,there are unseen reasons.There are Karmic combinations that lie beyond the vision of ordinary mortals.It is one of the fundamental concepts of Sanatana Dharma that nothing happens in the world without a valid reason.

I strongly opine that we have to celebrate 16-5-2014 as our new independence day along with the old one.I say so,because,the country is in the hands of selfish forces till now.The true patriots of this country are able to take hold of the reins only now.

We got political independence in 1947,but not the true independence.True independence happens when the country is ruled by real patriots.That had not happened till now,except in occasional spells now and then.Even during these interludes,the leaders could not really do anything substantial,owing to the lack of majority in the parliament.

Only now we have real independence as the BJP and Narendra Modi have won the elections with a sound majority.All the souls of true patriots of India are celebrating this victory in heaven.Those who have eyes to see,can see.

Let me analyze a few things with the help of numerology.





From the date of old independence,the new independence happened nearly after 68 years.The digits 6-8 could be seen in the second step.The root number is 8 which denotes Saturn.This number gives delays,disappointments,depression and grief.This number never supports material advancement but it is very good for spiritual elevation.

Let us consider the date on which the election results were announced.





The root number is 1 which denotes Sun who is the reservoir of light and heat.Number 8 and number 1 are antagonistic to each other.So,in contrast to the gloomy past,we are going to have a bright future.That is the indication.

Now let me have a look at Astrology.

At the time of midnight on 15-8-1947 we were running Sat/Sat/ketu/Moon.This could mean negative indications for Finance,Industry and general well being of the country.It also indicates grief and psychological depression for the people of the country.So we had our Independence at such a great time!!!

The great leaders of those days,with their vast wisdom,carefully selected a Muhurta with Kala Sarpa Yoga beset with the greatest possible bad combination of planets for our Independence.Everyone knows what the country had to face in the past 66 years as a result of this bad Muhurta.

Many believe that Jawaharlal Nehru was an atheist who never believed in Astrology and such stuff.But proof has it that he asked a famous astrologer of those days to cast a chart for his daughter Indira Gandhi.

Now let me see what dasa was running on 16-5-2014

It was Budha/Sukra/Guru/Budha.This indicates that great times are ahead in Finance,Transport,Communication,Industry and Foreign affairs.This and many more good things are sure to happen under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

The old independence was a throw away independence.The new independence is a gift from God.

The independence granted by God will be many times greater in glory than the one we got by begging.

I am going to celebrate the new independence day hereafter along with the old one.

Jai Bharath.Jai Hind.

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