Friday, 20 June 2014

Telangana Birth chart-What does it forecast??

On 2-6-2014 at 00.00 hours Telangana state came into being with Hyderabad as its capital.

These charts show the planetary positions at the birth time of Talangana State.As such they can be taken as the birth charts of Telangana.

The following astro parameters are to be considered to evaluate the future of Talangana state.

Tithi: Jyeshta Sukla Chaturthi.
Navamsa Lagna:Dhanush

Result of the Month:
Forgiving nature, fickle mindedness, rashness,passion for distant travel and uncanny intellect.

Result of the Tithi:
Indulgence in debts,argementative nature,courage,skill in warfare and speculation.

Victory in war,liberal nature,zeal and enthusiasm.

Punarvasu star
Many friends,affluence and land.

Vriddhi Yoga
Flourishing business and good money inflow.

Vishti Karana
Unstable and cunning mind,strength,victory over enemies,prolonged sleep,cruel 

3rd Navamsa
Liking for the opposite sex.

Now let me analyse the results of the chart.

It is good that a fixed lagna like Kumbha is rising.More so,because the Lagna Lord Saturn is exalted(though retro at present) in 9th house.The Lagna is 7* Kumbha and exactly aspected by Mercury with trinal aspect indicating,inter alia,the aspiration of many people for the emergence of Telangana state.Mercury is clearly indicating that the formation of Telangana state is the result of strong aspiration of millions of people from the past 60 years.

The presence of Rahu near Lagna Lord is quite disturbing.This hints at the need to be extra careful with a foreign force.Pakistan may try to make this land a hideout.The new Government should never underestimate this possibility.We should never forget that the roots of many past terrorist activities lie in Hyderabad.

The aspect of Saturn and Rahu on 11th strengthens this assumption indicating the presence of allies who are not trustworthy.Atmakaraka Jupiter with JnathiKaraka in 5th indicates that they have to be careful with so-called friends.

Moon in 2* with exact angular aspect with Rahu too indicates the interest of a foreign power in this newly formed state.

Weak Moon as 6th lord in 6th supports this idea.Weak Moon indicates,among many other things,our neighbor country which always tries to de-stabilize us.

Saturn's aspect on Moon from 9th house shows gradual strenghening of non-secular forces creating problems to the Government in course of time.Saturn and Rahu in 9th is an alarming indication in this direction.

Venus and Moon in 8th in Navamsa coupled with Moon in 6th house indicates the perennial issue of Naxals.This could also mean,gradual erosion of image for the party among the people of the state due to their inefficient handling of affairs.

The state came into being in Jupiter/Rahu/Rahu/Mercury.Jupiter's relation with Rahu is not a good indication,even from the most liberal angle.This is the legendary Guru-Chandala Yoga.This could indicate good men degrading themselves by association with bad people.Mercury indicates the intellect that is polluted.The hint is-the leaders should be very broadminded and work for the welfare of the people and the state.If not,the results would be disastrous.

7th lord Sun in 4th also supports this idea indicating the presence of enemy packets  or sleeper cells in the population.It is to be remembered that Sun is a worst enemy to Saturn the Lagna Lord.

Now let us look at the good points.

Jupiter and Mercury in 5th is a very good indication as far as planning is considered.This indicated good luck and divine grace to the state.This could also mean that the state overcomes all the problems in due course with the grace of God and holy saints.

11th house enjoys Jupiter's aspect along with those of Saturn and Mars.This combination also supports the above idea.Lagna is fortified by Jupiter's 9th aspect indicating the good planning of intellectuals,bureaucrats and leaders as an asset to the state.

Rahu indicating Venus promises another good yoga.Lords of Lagna,4th and 9th could mean a very good Raja Yoga showing bright future for the state.

The bindus in 11th are more than those in Lagna in SAV indicating the financial resourcefulness of the state.One more indication is the 11th house of Rasi chart becoming the Lagna of Navamsa chart. 

3/10 th lord Mars sitting in 8th is not a good indication.It would be difficult for the Government to face the people's demands.Mars getting 22 bindus in SAV shows violence,riots,bandhs and dharnas.

4th Lord Venus in 12th to 4th with Ketu supports this idea.This could mean -- peoples' aspirations would face many hurdles before they are realized in toto.

Mars aspect on 2/3rd houses shows the problems that would arise from talking without prior thinking.There is a need for the people in authority to weigh and measure their words.If not,it may create unwanted enmity.

Rahu/Ketu and Moon in Vargottamamsa will neutralize the above blemishes to a large extent.

We can fortell safely that Telangana state would prosper gradually as all the forthcoming dasas are good.

However,no dasa is fully good and none fully bad.They intermingle with each other like light and shade.I will warn about them at the appropriate time if time permits me to do so.


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