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Srisailam spiritual retreat-2015(Chinna Masta Mahavidya)

Chinna Mastika Mahavidya

Rudraksha Mutt-Srisailam

Chinnamasta Temple-Srisailam

Rudraksha Mutt-Long view

In front of Rudraksha Mutt

In front of Rudraksha Mutt

At the feet of Ma Kali

At the feet of Ma Kali

Rudraksha Mutt-Long view

Rudraksha Mutt-Another view

There was an old mutt called 'Rudraksha Mutt' beside the guest house where I stayed in Srisailam from 1st to 3rd May. Overall, there are five such ancient mutts over there.They are very old constructions and nobody resides in them now except a caretaker. In the past,many sadhakas of their respective paths used to reside there practicing sadhana of their tantra.

On Sunday the 3rd of May,as soon as the second initiation was over around 6 O clock in the morning,the wife of our caretaker Smt.Lakshmi advised us to visit Chinnamasta Temple in the Rudraksha Mutt.

We went there and worshipped Chinnamasta Devi with flowers and Bilva leaves.The idol of Chinnamasta was old but roughly sculpted without any finer artistic details.It appeared as if sculpted by some village artisan in a rough way.Usually,we find the cupid couple in the act of copulation under the feet of Chinnamasta Devi but here they are missing.

Another name of Chinnamasta Devi is Prachanda Chandika.She is the most fiercest form of Ma Kali.The terrible erotic form of this divine Devi hides behind her,a grand vidya(inner spiritual discipline and sadhana) which transforms the sexual energy of man/woman into spiritual power and arouses the sleeping Kundalini Shakti quickly.It is a very secret Tantra Vidya.

Ganapathi Muni the celebrated disciple of Ramana Maharshi and a great Sanskrit Poet prays to Chinnamasta Devi in his 'Prachanda Chandika Trishathi',thus--

'अमित विक्रमे जयजयाम्बिके 
परशु धारिणी जननि रेणुके
विनत पालिके धरणि कालिके 
जानपति द्विषो जननि पाहिमाम् '

He says that Mother Chinnamasta is none other than Renuka,the celebrated Mother of Lord Parashurama.

'चंड चण्डी तव पाणि पंकजे
यन्निजम लसति कृत मस्तकम्
देवि सूचयति चित्तनाशनम् 
तत्त्वेन्द्र हृदयाधि नायके'

In this Mantra he says-'by the symbol of you cutting your own head,you are indicating destruction of petty mind through Tantrik Samadhi'

'दीपति  विग्रह लताम् महाबलम् 
वह्निकील निभरक्ता कुंतलाम् 
संस्मरामि रतिमन्मधासनाम
देवताम् तरुण भास्करानानाम् 

He sees Her Divine form as seated on the power of lust symbolised by Rathi and Manmatha in copulation.

'पिण्डे कुण्डलिनी शक्ति: सैव ब्रह्मांड चालिका
 निद्राति जडदेहेषु योगि देहेषु खेलति

You are the Kundalini Shakti in human body.You are again the supreme power that runs the whole Universe.You are the inertia in the sleep of the slothful persons.Again you are the pure spiritual energy that permeates the bodies of accomplished Yogis.

'एषा वैरोचनी दुर्गा ज्वलंती तपसा परा '

'You are the fire of Yoga that rises in the yogis who do tapasya with steadfast devotion..'

On the way to this temple there is a Kali Vigraha under a tree.We came to know that it is a place they used to sacrifice animals in the past.Some body said,even now,they do animal sacrifice here once in a year or so.

The day we went there was the birthday of Chinnamasta Devi(Vaisakha Sukla Chaturdashi).Co-incidentally,we all met there on that day and prayed to Chinnamasta Mahavidya.As the tantra sadhana I do is directly linked to Chinnamasta Devi, I explained the inner meaning of her fierce form to my followers.

It all happened without any planning on our part,as if we were drawn to this temple by some unseen force.I always believe that there is no co-incidence in this world and everything happens for a purpose,though unseen, quite often.My belief is proved once again by this incident.

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