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Gopinath Munde's accidental death-Guru's curse???

In my last post I did mention clearly that the Muhurta ceremony of Narendra Modi was beset with many adverse factors.Now,within a week of oath taking,Gopinath Munde died in a car crash.In view of this tragic development,let me just look at the birth chart of Gopinath Munde.

Even before going deep into the charts of unfortunate persons who die accidentally,we can understand many things fairly well.We keep seeing innumerable incidents of such kind all around us in our daily lives.Let me cite a few examples from daily life.

1.A happy marriage concludes.The marriage party is returning to their town by road.A gory accident happens and either the groom or the bride or both are killed in the accident.

2.Grown up children on whom the parents pin their fondest hopes die suddenly in an accident.

3.An aspirant clears a much awaited interview and travels to the place where he is supposed to join the job.However,he dies enroute in an accident.

3.In a happy family,suddenly some mishap takes place and everything goes topsy turvy.

There are any number of such incidents that could be enumerated from daily life.

Even without seeing such Jatakas,we could understand many things per se.Such charts suffer from some grave curse or some strong dosha.Most of the times,this could be a curse of the Guru(guru shaap) or Naga Dosha(curse of snakes) or Pitru Shaap(curse of ancestors) or Preta Shaap(curse of dead spirits).

Identifying the bad curses or doshas in a birth chart(Kundli) is a peculiar art.Countering such doshas in a chart needs Tapas Shakti(Power of Penance).I will  explain in a separate post how to identify such curses and how to remedy them.

For the present,Gopinath Munde's chart presents a bad combination even to a casual examination.What is that? It is Jupiter in Makara in debilitated condition.Jupiter is a very strong malefic planet to Tula Lagna natives.In this chart he is in 0 degrees i.e Rasi Sandhi and debilitated in Drekkana,Chaturdhamsa and Dvadasamsa charts.This clearly shows that he suffers from stong curse of Guru.

The natives with strong Guru dosha or Guru shaapa face very bad incidents as soon as Guru dasa commences in their lives.This has been observed in many charts.All planets start giving their results in their dasas and antaras.This is an established principle in Astrology.The karma of that particular phase of life comes to fruition at that time very precisely.

Now,in this chart Guru dasa commenced on 23-4-2013 and within an year he died in a tragic road accident.Currently he is running Jupiter/Jupiter/Venus/Venus at the time of his death.

Guru is a strong malefic in this chart.Coming to Venus,he is Lagna/8th lord cum Amatyakaraka and sitting in 2nd(death inflicting)house in 4th lord Saturn's star.Guru too is in 4th house.Venus represents luxury vehicles and located in 4th lord's star.So the karakatva of Vehicles gets strengthened and resulted in a car crash.

Sun is a badhaka to this lagna and sitting in Chitta star (pratyaktara to the native).

Now let me show you a queer astro signature.

The badhaka lord Sun is neecha in Lagna.If we just look at the Muhurtha of Oath taking chart on 26-5-2014 he was in 8th house(death).Moreover the natal lagna was the Muhurta lagna during oath taking ceremony.

In Navamsa,Guru is with Rahu showing Guru Chandala Yoga.This is a very bad yoga called Dasa Chidra(crushing of dasa).As per Rasi Tulya Navamsa technique( a nadi principle),this yoga ensues in 4th house,in a chara rasi,indicating danger from a moving vehicle.

Argala to Guru by Rahu from 3rd house and Venus from 11th house strengthens this bad yoga.Rahu denotes petrol and Venus luxury vehicles.So danger from a moving vehicle through Guru's curse is clearly indicated in this chart.

Let me disclose a subtle karmic point here.Guru is the lord of liver.In the accident,it is understood that the liver of Gopinth Munde was badly damaged.This is clear indication of Guru's curse on the native.

Let me look at Ashtamsa which clearly indicates death and its cause in a person's life.

Ashtamsa lagna is Kanya which is 12th to the lagna of native.From there,Guru and Sukra are in 8th house with exalted sun.What does this indicate?

It indicates that during Guru/Sukra dasa enjoying an exalted official position,he meets with an accident and dies.He died exactly in Guru/guru/Sukra dasa.Chara rashi indicated death while moving from one place to another.

Transit Mars was in Ashtamsa Lagna on the day of accident.

Mars is a worst malefic to Ashtamsa chart,and he is sitting in 4th house showing danger from vehicles.He is also indicating that in his dispositor's(Guru) dasa a speedily moving vehicle could become the cause of his death.

Many times in the past I quoted the Jaimini rule that shows accidental/unnatural deaths.Readers of my Telugu blog are quite familiar with those posts.

Saturn is the Atmakaraka for this chart.Karakamsha is Tula.It is also the Rasi Lagna.Gulika sitting in 3rd from there indicated accidental death.From Simha which is Atmakaraka Rasi,Neecha Sun in 3rd also indicates accidental death to this native.See how wonderfully the Jaimini principle tallies!!!

On the day of accident,transit Mars was on natal Mercury in 12th house.

Most significantly,transit Rahu was exactly on natal Sun who was neecha in chitta star.This is a clear Karmic signature which denotes accidental death.Chitta is ruled by Mars as per Vimsottari system and it is Pratyak Tara to the native.All this clearly shows what is in store for the native on the fateful day.Moreover,the accident happened on a Tuesday in Mars hora.Was it not astonishing?

The curses are real.That is why we should live very carefully without harming anybody by thought word or deed.The effects of bad karma are inescapable.

In the good olden days,our elders used to warn us about the inexorable nature of Karma and its effects.Now,in the modern times,none pays any heed to such sane advice.Everywhere we find nothing but rashness,bad temper and selfishness.No body knows how much bad karma we are accumulating by such actions.God only knows what is in store for the present generation which is helplessly treading a careless life unmindful of the karmic results.

This unfortunate incident proves one thing.None can escape from the effects of karma.Whatever one sows one should reap.Only time decides everything.So we should try to live without harming anyone.Especially we should be more careful while dealing with saintly persons lest we should incur their curse.

Astrology is an exact science.Its principles keep proving again and again in our lives.The wise take its help and live carefully.It is upto us to use this grand science for our future guidance and reap good results thereby.

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