Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Rohini Sakata Bhedanam-2 (Saturn's tenth aspect)

There are many people who consider the effects of Saturn as terrible and bad.I don't think so.I consider the effects of Saturn on human life as good.

Saturn's positioning as well as his aspect,both are very good in my view.One may be scared to know my view.Let me explain.

What is considered as bad by the world looks good to the Yogis.Conversely,what is good to the world is bad to them.

Let me cite a verse from the Gita(2:69)

When it is dead of night to the world
The self controlled Yogi is wide awake then
Wherein other beings are awake
He looks at it as a dark night

The world is unnecessarily scared of Saturn.It should not be.Saturn makes us suffer no doubt,but this suffering is the result of our past karma.He never punishes a single human being without a valid reason behind.Saturn's influence clears our backlog Karma.He cleanses us of our karmic weight.He urges us to unload our backpack.He makes us pure.

In my view-Saturn is a great purifier.

Without the influence of Saturn,human life becomes a worst boredom very quickly.Human life loses direction without Saturn.It is Saturn's influence that makes the life of many in western countries a perpetual boredom.It is because of Saturn many people both in East and West fall preys to bouts of depression.

People never realize easily that their sufferings are nothing but their Karmic retributions.They wont believe easily if some one knowledgeable in these matters advises them so.All they want is a comfortable,care free life forever.

The other day,I was in a temple.

The priest was noting down the Gotras of devotees before commencing the worship.

So I told him-'Why do you ask them their Gotras? Everyone of them belongs to Yayati gotra invariably.No need to ask them again.'

People never take life in right sense.The reason is they never believe in Karma.If they start believing in Karma and start seeing things in their right sequence,then they can understand life's mysteries.

Many people keep on asking me remedies for Saturn.I never prescribe the usual Pujas done everywhere.My method of remedies is different.

Now,let me look at Saturn's 10th aspect on star Rohini and its effects on us.

Whenever Saturn transits on Leo 17 th degree,he looks at Taurus 17 th degree.Every time this happens in the skies,it can be roughly called a type of 'Rohini Sakata Bhedana'.

Let us look at the times when this stellar event happened and what happened,as a result,on the Earth.

1) Saturn was in Leo 17 degrees between 2007-08.

There was the worst kind of global financial crisis at that time.After the great depression of 1930s,this was another global crisis of similar nature.

2) Before that,Saturn travelled in Leo between 1977 and 1978.

At that time,Blizzard of 1977 shook western New York badly,with tons of snow everywhere,causing loss of millions of dollars.

At the very same time,the state of AP in India was hit by a worst kind of cyclone called 'Divi Seema' Cyclone.About 50,000 perished and property worth 500 million dollors was damaged.

3) Saturn travelled over Leo in 1948-49

Around the same time,about 5 lakhs of people perished in the border clashes during the partition of India.

There happened many natural disasters and transport disasters around the world.I am not taking them into account here.

4) Earlier to that Saturn was in Leo in 1918-19.

The world was hit by a worst kind of Flu Pandemic at that time.It attacked nearly 500 million people worldwide killing 50-100 millions.

The sad and unforgettable incident of 'Jalian Wala Bagh' took place in India.

I am not describing the Earthquakes and Floods that had hit the globe at that time for obvious reasons.

5) Before that,again,Saturn travelled in Leo from 1889-1890.

The great Seattle fire burned down most of that city.

The great Bakersfield fire destroyed the whole town burning down about 196 buildings.

Santiago Canyon fire destroyed Orange county and San Diego county.

6)Before that,Saturn touched Leo from 1859-1860.

The globe was hit by a powerful 'Solar Storm' which affected the Earth's magnetic field very badly.This is called the Solar Storm of 1859 or the Carington Event.

At the same time,there occured a severe storm called 'The Royal Charter Storm' in the Irish sea.
From the above incidents,it is clear that,whenever Saturn travelled in Leo,he looks at star Rohini with his 10th aspect,thereby triggering world disasters.

However,the destruction that was wrought when he touches Leo was much less in intensity than that was triggered when He was in Taurus.This is because,his aspect is less violent than his position.

Now let me explain Saturn's other aspects and their 'horrible' results in my next post.

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