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Rohini Sakata Bhedanam-3(Saturn's seventh aspect)

Saturn,like all other planets,has the seventh aspect,which in fact, is the most powerful aspect he has.So when he looks at Star Rohini with his seventh aspect,grave incidents do happen on Earth.Let us look at them.

To be able to look at Rohini star with his seventh aspect he has to travel in Scorpio from 3rd to 20th degree.Let me cite the instances when Saturn traversed this sensitive point of the Zodiac in the past.

One of the most alarming things is that in the coming few months Saturn is going to step into Scorpio to look at Star Rohini from there.So,it is not improper to think that,in another one or two years,world disasters are sure to happen again.

Let me cite a few examples.

1) Saturn travelled over this sensitive point from November 1985 to January 1987 and looked at Rohini.
  • On 26-4-1986 we had the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster which is considered to be the worst of its kind in the recent past and which resulted in the spill over of Nuclear dust over Russia and Europe.
  • 'Pripyat' a city in the vicinity of the reactor was abandoned as a result of this disaster.
  • People around that area were affected with grave diseases like Thyroid Cancer etc.
  • Now,a very peculiar feature of those years is burning of a few hotels in some countries.
  • 'Dupont Plaza Hotel arson' occured in Puerto Rica.This was one of the biggest hotel fires in that country.
  • 'Hotel Caledonian fire' occured in Norway.
  • Switzerland witnessed an environmental chemical disaster called 'Sandoz chemical spill'.
  • There were any number of Hurricanes,Typhoons,Earthquakes and Cyclones in 1986.
  • China witnessed '1987 Daxing'anling wildfire' which burned to ashes about 25 Lakh acres of forest.This fire was burning for a month continuously.
  • There happened an incident called 'King's cross fire' in London underground station.
  • India saw 'Punjab Killings' in 1987.Hindus travelling in two buses were killed mercilessly by terrorists belonging to Khalistan Commando Force.
  • Brazil witnessed a radio active disaster incident called 'Goiania accident'
  • New Jersey and New York witnessed a peculiar thing called 'The Syringe tide'.Atlantic beaches were shut down for a few days because they were inundated with used syringes,medical waste and other garbage.
  • Philippines was attacked by three successive Typhoons.
  • No need to mention about Cyclones and Earthquakes etc.Any number of such things happened in USA.
2) Saturn traversed in Scorpio and looked at Rohini again from 1956-1957.
  • There happened a big fire accident in Norway.It is called the 'Dalsenget fire'.It burned down a whole tram depot and all the trams stationed over there.
  • USA witnessed one of its biggest fire accidents called Texas McKee refinery fire wherein about half a million gallons of Pentane and Hexane gases were burnt.
  • Japan saw Minamata disease,which comes through Mercury poisoning.Waste water from nearby chemical factories spilled over and polluted the Sea resulting in this worst kind of disease that haunted Japan for almost 36 years.
  • The Atlantic and the Pacific oceans witnessed 9 Hurricanes and Typhoons.
  • There were Earthquakes in Anjar(Gujarath,India),South Lebanon,Nicaragua and Burma.Among them,the Saigong Earthquake of Burma was the largest in its destructive intensity.
  • There was 'Murray river flood' in Australia which inundated many cities in three states.
  • Perhaps one of the worst disasters that attacked Earth at that times was the 1956 Tornado outbreak in USA.Almost 47 Tornados appeared in USA during these years and wrought destruction.
  • 1956 Alabama tornado is another disaster that hit the USA.
  • The year 1957 could be called the Year of Tornados'.In that year USA was devastated by 203 Tornados.
  • Spain witnessed 1957 Valencia flood.
3) Again,Saturn travelled in Scorpio and looked at Rohini between 1926 and 1927.
  • The year 1926 could be termed as 'The year of Earthquakes'.There were about 80 Earthquakes all around the world in that year.Mars stayed for an abnormally longer period in Aries at that time.
  • USA saw 1926 Louisiana hurricane which devastated its Gulf west coast.
  • One of the biggest floods USA had ever seen in its history is The great Mississipi flood of 1927 which inundated about 27,000 square miles area with 30 feet water.
  • India witnessed 1927 Nagpur riots.
4) Again Saturn travelled in Scorpio in 1897 -1898 and looked at star Rohini.
  • The great Assam Earthquake of 1897 is the biggest Earthquake in the history of Indian Sub continent.It shook the area of about 6.5 lakh square Km from Burma to Delhi.
  • North Dakota witnessed Red river flood.
  • There was Yellow river flood in China.
  • 1898 Fort Smith Arkansas Tornado levelled many houses in the USA.
  • Portland gale destroyed New England area and sank a ship named SS Portland. 
5) Again,Saturn travelled in Scorpio in 1868 -1869 and looked at Rohini.
  • 1868 Arica Earthquake is one of the biggest Earthquakes Peru had ever witnessed.It created Tsunami from Hawaii,Japan and New Jealand.
  • 1868 Equador Earthquakes had killed about 70,000.
  • 1868 Hawaii Earthquake is the biggest Earthquake that happened in the history of Hawaii islands.We can imagine its devastation, if we remember that the islands are still sufferings from those effects,even today.
  • 1868 Hayward Earthquake (The Great San Francisco Earthquake) destroyed Hayward town.
  • Abergele rail disaster,one of the worst disasters of Britain occured exactly in that year.
  • The great fire of whitstable 1869 occured in Britain.
  • New Jealand witnessed Christchurch Earthquake.
  • No need to mention the number of marine and transport disasters that occured in 1868-69.
  • Ahmadabad,India witnessed an Earthquake in 1868
  • The great Rajputana famine of 1869 was the worst famine of its kind which rose in India and tortured about 50 millions.
6) Saturn again sojourned through Scorpio in 1838 -1839 and looked at Star Rohini.
  • Romania saw Vrancea Earthquake.
  • Two warships sank in the seas.
  • Agra famine of 1837-38 was one of the worst famines that occured in India which killed about 8 lakhs people with hunger and fatigue.
  • The year 1839 saw a worst kind of Cyclone at Coringa,in the East Coast of India.It killed about 3 lakhs people.
Enough is enough.I dont feel like going back into history anymore.

Everytime Saturn looked at Rohini from Scorpio,he wrought as much of destruction as he did when he travelled in Taurus.

On scrutiny, we can classify the above disasters into the following groups.
  • Disasters involving Radio active material,Chemicals,petroleum and gas.
  • Major Earthquakes.
  • Cyclones occupy the next place.USA was the worst hit country.
  • Next place is occupied by famines.At that time,India was under British rule and virtually there was no governance and no planning related to crops and food.So famines struck.
The worst conclusion is -- Saturn is going to travel in Scorpio again in 2015-16.From the above narration,it can be 'safely' predicted that the world would witness a few of these disasters again in the near future,invariably.

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