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Rohini Sakata Bhedanam-5(A grand rule of Natural Justice)

From the last four posts,it could be easily understood that whenever Saturn in his celestial sojourn either touched or aspected Star Rohini,there were world disasters.

The reasons are not far to seek.

According to our scriptures,Rohini is ruled by Prajapathi or the Creator Brahma Deva.The created beings are indicated by this star.So it is quite natural and logical that whenever it was tortured by Saturn,living creatures do suffer.We know that Saturn is the karaka for Karma.

Star Rohini enjoys a special status among the 27 constellations because Moon loves her more than his other 26 wives(the star clusters).It is not coincidental to note that Moon is exalted in Taurus where star Rohini dwells.

Among the nine planets,Saturn,Mars and Rahu are the ones who are entrusted with the task of punishing the guilty.They are the dispensers of Natural Justice.

There is a logic in the creation.The Planets also follow a kind of logic in their movement.Human life too follows an unseen logic.

The logic of creation was called 'Rtam' by the Indian seers.Life's logic was called 'Karma' and logic of the planets was called 'Dasha'.Creation follows a certain pattern.All the planets and stars do follow a rhythm in their movement failing which they create destruction.Similary,human life when lived according to certain rules and norms of morality brings happiness.If the rules of life are violated,destruction results.Ancient Indian seers tried to understand these rhythms.

In this search were born our ancient scriptures.

Astrology,Vedanta,Yoga,Tantra-all these are the sciences that tried to understand human life in the background of Universal principles.By understanding these branches of knowledge properly,human life is enriched with wisdom.A life lived in wisdom bestows ultimate fulfillment.

All these Vidyas are not mere hobbies undertaken to spend time in a carefree manner.These are the compasses that guide the course of life.By following these branches of knowledge human life takes a smooth sail in the troubled waters of uncertainty.

Now let us understand the effects of Saturn in tune with his passage in different Rasis of the Zodiac.
  • During Rohini Sakata,Saturn affects Rohini either by position or aspect.As Taurus,where Rohini reigns,is a sign that represents element Earth,major Earthquakes are happening during Rohini Sakata periods.
  • As Leo is a Fiery sign,Transit of Saturn in Leo always produced fire accidents and also Marine accidents,because Fire is put off by Water.
  • As Scorpio is a watery sign,Transit of Saturn in it provoked accidents related to liquids i.e Chemical accidents,Marine accidents,Cyclones and Floods.
  • As Pisces too is a watery sign,during Saturn's transit,it produced accidents related to water,petrol and other liquids.
The Pancha Maha Bhutas (Five great elements) are the sources of man's life.At the time of death,these are the very agents that kill him too.So during Rohini Sakata,accidents related to Earth, Water, Fire and Air are happening everywhere.Sky or space supports the other four invariably.

The disasters seem to have a mind of their own.It is not uncommon to see that a small baby is saved in a gory accident that kills hundreds.It appears that some force is guiding these disasters to happen at particular times and places.

Our scriptures describe three kinds of Pralayas.The Nitya or regular,the Naimittika or those due to a special cause and the Maha Pralaya or the Final destruction.

The Mahapralaya comes only in the end of Kalpa(Brahma Deva's day)

Nitya Pralaya(daily destruction) happens everywhere everyday.People keep dying everyday in many a strange manner.

Due to special disasters at certain times people die in large numbers.This is called Nimittika Pralaya.In my research I found the Rohini Sakata to be the trigger of Naimittika Pralaya around the globe.

Planets,while travelling in the Zodiac path,do grant results in human life according to the deeds of human beings.Good and bad things happen in our lives according to our karma.It is good to understand this universal principle and mould our lives accordingly,to gain good results.On the other hand,those who never make an attempt to understand the universal principle of Karma,spoil their lives with unrighteous deeds that produce disastrous results.

There is a proverbial wise warning that says-Act in haste and repent at leisure.Bad Karma when being done gives great pleasure and encourages you to do more and more.At that time,whatever you plan would materialize leaving you no time to pause and think.One never knows how much Karma one is accumulating in the process.The real pain starts only when the karma comes to fruition and starts showing up its results.

During difficult times,everyone laments and prays to God saying that he is innocent and never harmed anyone knowingly.

Everyone thinks in times of distress-'Why this suffering to me?What did I do to deserve this punishment?'

If you are really innocent,no harm would befall you.Your suffering shows that you wronged in the past and now reaping its result.You might have forgotten your past deeds,or you might be not so intelligent as to recognize that what you did was a sin.But Nature neither forgets nor acts in injustice.Its judgement and timing are always right.

The 'Judgement' is dispensed through Saturn.He is not partial in nature and never favours one to the exclusion of the other.None can escape from the wrath of Saturn.

Entire human life is under the control of Saturn.The famous Sade Sathi period,the Fourth transit and the Eighth transit of Saturn put together controls 12.5 years of human life.From the Lagna and Sun Lagna if we add another 25 years it becomes 37.5 and already Transit Saturn would have covered 7.5 years in its 30 years cycle around the Zodiac.If we add the Rohini Sakata period of another 8 years to this,it clearly shows that Saturn has an unmistakable control over human life.

All said and done,what is the essence of life? Doing Karma and suffering its results;Nothing else.

Coming to the present,my research on Rohini Sakata yielded a grand rule which appears to work everytime unfailingly.

Whenever Saturn,either touches or looks at star Rohini which is at the same time is touched or aspected by either Mars or Rahu,it creates a compounding destructive effect on Earth.Thousands suffer and die at those times on Earth.

This is an unmistakable astro principle that has come out of my research.

Let me cite a few examples from the past.
  • In 2002 Saturn and Rahu were together in Taurus.
  • In 1972 Saturn was in Taurus and Rahu aspected him from Capricorn.
  • In 1942 when worldwide destruction took place,Saturn and Mars were together in Taurus.
  • In December 1912 Mars was in Scorpio and aspected Saturn who was in Taurus.
  • In July 1883 Saturn and Mars were together in Taurus.
  • In 1854 Saturn and Rahu were together in Taurus.From September to November,Mars aspected them from Libra and Scorpio.
  • In August 1824 Mars aspected Saturn in Taurus from August to October.In February 1825 Mars was in Kumbha and looked at Saturn in Taurus with his 4th aspect.

So a grand astro rules emerges out from this observation,thus:--

Whenever Saturn,Mars or Rahu,one or more,either by position or aspect affect Taurus in a combined manner,at that time,world disasters do certainly happen resulting in large scale loss of human life or property or both.

The clue for this astro principle lies in the incident called Rohini Sakata from the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha.

All the incidents enumerated in my past four posts stand as testimonials to this grand astro rule.These disasters are not run of the mill incidents.They appear once in every 30 years invariably.In almost 28 time slots from the past 300 years this rule proved to be true again and again.

Now,based on this rule,let me see which months are deadly in the coming Rohini Sakata during 2015-16.
  • During 3-11-2014 Saturn would be stepping into Scorpio.Bad times would invariably start from that date for the Earth.
  • In February 2015 Mars travels in Kumbha and looks at Taurus with his fourth aspect.
  • In April 2015 Mars travels in Aries and looks at Saturn with his 8th aspect.
  • In May/June 2015 Mars transits over Taurus and looks at Saturn with his seventh aspect.
  • In October 2015 Mars transits over Leo and aspects Saturn with his fourth aspect.
  • In November 2015 Mara and Rahu meet in Virgo.
  • March-Septmber 2016 is going to be the worst disastrous period for the globe.Mars who transits a sign in 1.5 months,would be staying for about Six long months in Scorpio along with Saturn.Together they look at Taurus with their seventh aspect.Added to this,Rahu too looks at Taurus from Virgo creating a most dreadful compounding effect.So,the world is going to witness many large scale disasters during that period.
  • In January 2017 Mars travels in Kumbha and looks at Taurus with his fourth aspect.
  • In January 2017 Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius thus ending a bad phase of Karma cleansing of the world.
By and large,the period from November 2014 to January 2017 would be the worst disastrous period to the world.In that period again,the above mentioned months are going to be the most ominous ones.

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