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Rohini Sakata Bhedanam-4(Saturn's third aspect)

According to Indian Astrology,Saturn has a special 3rd aspect i.e he looks forward at third house from the sign he is located in.

So,to look at Star Rohini with 3rd aspect,Saturn has to be stationed in Pisces 17th degree.

Let us verify the times when he was on 17th degree Pisces and what happened then.

1) Saturn was in Pisces in 1997-98.
  • Exactly in 1997-98 the world faced ElNino Winter.Many disases like Malaria,Dengue,MVE(Murray Valley Encephalitis), Rift Valley Fever,Kawasaki Disease etc.rose their ugly heads and tortured millions around the world.There was severe draught in India and Australia but plenty of rains in other countries.Global atmosphere was badly affected by this El Nino phenomenon.
  • In India about 60 died in a Delhi cinema hall fire.It was called Uphaar Cinema Fire accident.Another 110 suffered injuries in the stampede that followed.
  • On 7-6-1997,during the consecration ceremony of Tanjore Temple in South India(Brihadeeswarar temple fire) 50 people perished and 200 were injured.
  • On 16-4-1997 there was a fire accident in Mecca (Mecca fire of 1997) which killed 217 and injured 1300.
  • In 1997 Indonesian Forest fires,forest was burned down resulting in a loss of 4.5 billion dollars.This was the biggest fire of such kind in the past 200 years in Indonesia.A worst kind of environmental threat called '1997 South East Asian Haze' ensued from this fire accident.
  • In 1996-97 Australian Bush fire season,there were 13 fire accidents that burned hundreds of acres of forest land.
  • In 1997 Aisin fire accident, the production unit of Toyota Car Company had to be closed down for quiet some time.
  • On 11-3-1997 Tokaimura Nuclear Accident occured.
  • There were any number of Earthquakes,Cyclones,Floods and other natural disasters at that time.
  • On 1-3-1997,Sangrampora Massacre Incident happened in India.Islamic terrorists surrounded and killed a group of innocent Kashmiri Pundits in a village called Sangrampur.
  • On 23-2-1997,there was Empire state building shootout in the USA.
  • Many Rail,road and marine accidents took place.
  • In August 1998,there was a natural disaster called Malpa Landslide in India which wiped out an entire village.70 pilgrims going to visit Manas Sarovar,including the famous dancer Pratima Bedi perished in this unfortunate incident.
  • In the Gothenberg Discotheque fire that occured in Sweden in October 1998, 63 perished and 200 were injured.
  • In December 1998 Linton Bushfire burnt down 660 Hectares land.
  • In June 1998 Oso Complex fire destroyed about 5185 acres of land.
  • On 2-9-1998 Swissair flight 111 crashed in the Atlantic,killing its 229 passengers.
  • On 14-2-1998, in the Yaounde' train explosion,two tanker trains collided with each other in Cameroon.
  • In the same year,1998 Delhi Oil poisoning incident occured in India where 60 died and 3000 were hospitalized.
  • In 1998 United States listeriosis outbreak there was a case of food poisoning.
  • Epidemic Flu attacked 1998 Japan Winter Olympics.
  • In May 1998,there was Acerinox radio active accident.
  • In an incident called Esso Longford gas explosion, a gas plant blasted in Australia.
  • In 1998 Jesse pipeline explosion in Nizeria about 200 were killed.
  • In 1998 St.Cloud explosion at Minnesota, there was an explosion of a Natural gas pipeline.
  • Innumerable number of Hurricanes, Tornados, Cyclones, Earthquakes appeared during this period.
The years 1997-98 was one of the worst disastrous periods of world history.

2) Saturn travelled in Pisces in 1967-68.
  • In Belgium there occured L'Innovation department store fire which killed 323 people.
  • In California 1967 MGM Vault fire,many film reels were destroyed.
  • In the 1967 Tasmanian Fires about 62 perished and another 1000 got burn injuries.More than 7000 became homeless.
  • In the New Jealand Strongman Mine there was an explosion.
  • Hurricanes,Typhoons and Earthquakes occured as usual in large numbers.
  • Marin and Road transport accidents occured in large numbers.
  • The inferno 1968 burnt down Glen Park night club.
  • A whole furniture factory was burnt down in the James Watt Street fire accident.
  • Kelvinbridge Railway Station was burnt down in August 1968 at Glasgow.
  • In 1968 again,there occured any number of Hurricanes, Typhoons,Tornados,Cyclones and Earthquakes.
  • On 4-4-1968 Martin Luther King was murdered.
  • On 5-6-1968 R.F.Kennedy was assassinated.
3) Saturn travelled in Pisces again in 1937-38.
  • Due to a lightening 1937 Blackwater fire started from a mere lightening and destroyed about 1700 acres of forest in USA.
  • In one of the worst Drug poisoning cases,about 100 died in Elixir Sulfanilamide poisoning.
  • In Holdich colliery disaster of England,about 30 died.
  • One of the biggest Earthquakes called 1937 Anna Earthquake hit Ohio.
  • There was 1937 Orizaba Earthquake in Mexico.
  • Ohio River flood was one of the largest floods which destroyed about 500 million dollars and 1 million people became homeless.
3) Again,Saturn travelled in Pisces in 1908-09.
  • In Collinwood School fire USA,about 175 were killed.
  • Rhoads Opera House fire,Pennsylvania was a worst case of fire accident in which a small kirosene lamp caused the burning down of a whole Opera house.In the resultant stampede,about 170 people died.This incident resembles those from 'Final Destination' movies.
  • 1908 Messina Earthquake of South Italy was one of the worst Earthquakes in the world.It killed about 1,23,000.
  • USA witnessed the worst kind of Tornado outbreaks during this period.1908 Dixie tornado outbreak created 29 Tornados in 13 states injuring and destroying the homes of many.
  • The biggest coal mine disaster occured in Mexico at that time.1908 Mina Rosita Vieja disaster killed about 200 people.
  • In the 1908 Sunshine rail disaster,Australia, 44 people died and 200 were injured.
  • About 18 big ships sank at that time around the world.
  • In the Borujerd Earthquake of Persia that occured  in 1909 about 8000 perished.
  • The Provence Earthquake of France destroyed about 2000 houses.
  • The Wabash River Earthquake shook the Indiana State.
  • The 1909 Tornado outbreak was one of the worst of its kind.There were 37 Tornados that hit Mississipi and Tennesse areas.
  • 18 ships sank in that year worldwide.
4) Again,Saturn travelled in Pisces in 1878-79.
  • The Wallingford Tornado that hit Connecticut,USA destroyed a whole town.This was the biggest Tornados that hit that state till now.
  • The great flood of Miskolc,Hungery destroyed a whole city.This was the biggest flood of that country in terms of loss of life and property.
  • The Gale of 1878 created havoc in 15 states from Cuba to New England.
  • India witnessed a worst kind of famine in that year.The great famine of 1876-78 was unprecedented of its kind.It hit about 7 lakhs square Km area in Madras,Mysore,Hyderabad and Bombay for two years.About 6 million people died of hunger.
    5) Saturn travelled in Pisces in 1848-50.
    • The Great gale of 1848 destroyed the whole Tampa Bay area.
    • The 1848 Marlborough Earthquake wrought destruction in New Jealand.
    • The 1849 Sauve's Crevasse floods drowned New Orleans.Such a worst kind of flood was never ever seen again.
    6) 1820-21 saw Saturn in Pisces again.
    • In England there was Holmfirth Floods.
    • The 1821 Norfolk and Long island hurricane appeared in USA.
    • In the 1821 New England Tornado Outbreak,USA was hit by 5 Tornados.
    So,each time Saturn touched Pisces,the world invariably witnessed a series of disasters.

    All the above disasters could be classified as under:--
    • Fire accidents.
    • Cyclones and Floods.
    • Travel accidents.
    • Earthquakes
    • Draughts and famines.
    • Accidents of Radio active materials and Natural gases.
    • Assassinations of famous men.

    So,Rohini Sakata has been proved to be a fact again with respect to Saturn's third aspect also.Based on these observations,I will try to draw out my conclusion in the next post.

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