Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mars in Vrishabha-More disasters in the offing??

Mars shifted houses on 3-5-2015 around midnight and entered into Vrishabha.

He will remain there till 15-6-2015 and aspects Saturn in Vrischika with his 7th aspect.Moreover he travels over star Rohini during this period.On 15-5-2015,there will be exact aspect between Mars and Saturn.It is to be noted that Amavasya falls on 17-5-2015.

During this period of Mars's sojourn in Vrishabha for about 40 days there would be many many disasters around the world.Benign Jupiter is going into debilitation in Navamsa from 10-5-2015 to 5-6-2015 and will be weak to offer protection.Traditional Rohini Sakata Bhedana will add fuel to fire.

Dispensation of justice will be done during this period.People will receive punishments for their past karma.No one can escape from this judgement.

We can expect the following effects in this period:--

1.Terrorist and Mafia attacks and counter attacks.
2.Many accidents involving different types of vehicles.
3.Fire accidents as Mars represents fire.
4.Earthquakes may occur again as Mars is Karaka for Earth and he is now in Vrishabha,an Earthy sign.
5.Wars between countries and races.
6.Revolutions may occur at some places with common citizens attacking those in authority.
7.In individual lives,different kinds of accidents will occur.

Probable time slots:--
May 17 New Moon,June 1 Full Moon,June 14 New Moon are the most ominous times.We can expect the above incidents to happen around these dates.

Some dangerous dates:--
May 15-17, May 22, May 25 -28,May 31- June 5,June 10,June 16.

Some one asked me a question--'Cant we escape from these disasters?'

Not possible.Karma will never leave a person,come what may.Even if one hides under the sea,Karma will not leave him.You have to repay its debt with interest.None is above Karma.By doing Pujas and remedies none can alter his strong karma.

What we are seeing now is called Global Karma.It is beyond the capacity of anyone to alter it.Babaji is still alive in Himalayas.There are great immortal beings in Himalayas even today.It is not fiction.They are real beings.Then,why did they not stop the recent Nepal Earthquake?Why did they not save thousands of lives?

Because,it is not easy to alter global karma.These great beings will never interfere in global karma.Humans do many useless and thoughtless things under the grip of ego and pride and suffer consequently.When their time comes, they will suffer.

During normal times,none would listen to your good words.But when they suffer, they rise a hue and cry.This is common man's mean behavior.So,great beings,though they could alter one's Karma,won't interfere easily in the global karmic affairs.

In this world,everyone must suffer for his actions.This is an inviolable universal law.

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