Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tara Stotram Book release

'Tara Stotram' is the second book that is going to be released from our publications wing-'Panchawati Publications'.The release of this book is slated to be in June-2015.Soon after that,it will be available online at ''.

Mother Tara is one of the Dasa Mahavidyas (The Ten great goddesses).This book contains 27 Sanskrit Slokas and 260 Telugu poems that came out spontaneously from my mouth,as a result of Mother's grace.The Slokas have been explained in 260 poems followed by lucid narration in Telugu language.

All the slokas and poems are embedded with esoteric secret Tantra sadhanas.I hope that this book,like its forerunner 'Sri Vidya Rahasyam',will win the hearts of all sincere spiritual aspirants and will become a beam of light for those who are trying to walk on the path of inner Tantra.

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  1. Good afternoon Sir,

    Ma Tara stotram book is available in English language also ?


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