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Effects of Rahu the Master Conjurer

The loss of Jupiter's control on Rahu+Saturn from 19-6-2014 resulted in Rahu gaining more and more strength day by day.The unhindered Rahu is showing his powers in diverse queer ways.His ways are beyond the grasp of a casual glance.One needs a deep occult vision to understand the subtle nuances of planets like Rahu who is known as 'Mayavi' the great conjurer of illusions.

Let me illustrate a few instances from practical life to throw light on the work of the great Rahu.

Vijayawada Road Accident

Let us look at the recent road accident that happened near Vijayawaada,A.P.

It is a very weird accident.

A marriage party was returning to Vijayawada after attending a marriage and got into a car.As ill luck would have it,Rahu started showing its magic on the car driver.He started to drive the car at uncontrollable speed unmindful of the repeated requests of the unfortunate marriage party.

He drove the car into an acid tanker which was going ahead of them.The car was rammed into and struck into the acid tanker from behind.Incidentally,the lid of the tanker got opened on its own and the acid started spilling on the car and its passengers.The tanker dragged on for 3 kilometers spilling acid on the road,on the car and on the people in the car.One died in the car,the others got severe acid burns and finally lay on the road crying for help in the dead of night.

What a pitiable and heart rending scene it was!!

Astrology says--Rahu is the karaka for acid,petrol and road accidents,among other things.He is also the karaka for reptiles,insects and such things.

If we look at the Earth from above,the cars down below will appear as crawling insects and the trains as snakes.This is the reason why they fall under Rahu's influence.This is the 'law of signature'.This is the rule under which the planetary karakatvas are classified and fixed by the traditional texts of Indian Astrology.

Opposite polls attract each other.Birds of same feather flock together.These two rules apply very well in occult matters.One has to apply his discerning mind to demarcate one from the other in diverse conditions and situations.

Kolkata Metro rail incident

Now let us look at the Metro Rail incident that happened the other day in Kolkata.

A metro rail was stranded in the subway of Kolkata metro causing much distress to the passengers fearing asphyxia.Finally,after some time,the stranded passengers were dragged out with the help of ladders.

Snakes move under the earth in crevices and hollow spaces.Now,a metro rail is a thing very similar to a snake.So it has close affinity with Rahu.

Hence I assume that this incident is certainly the handiwork of Rahu.

Receding Monsoon in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh,the Monsoon is greatly disappointing us by its hide and seek game.The Sun God is showing his wrath on all and sundry alike.Daily we hear that many people are dying,hit by sunstroke.

I say, this too is nothing but Rahu's effect.

It is not my intention to explain what is 'El Nino' effect.To put it briefly,it is the effect of hot air from the oceans on the Earth.Due to its effect the much awaited monsoon is being neutralized in A.P. now.

Now let me explain a similar incident from the great scripture Ramayana.

When Lord Hanuman was crossing the ocean heading towards Lanka,an evil force tries to drag him down with the intention of eating him away.Its name is Simhika and Ramayana says it is the mother of Rahu.Simhika has the power of stalling the movement of those who are flying over the ocean.So it tries to catch hold of flying Hanuman.But Lord Hanuman is uncontrollable and could easily break the devil's charm.So it is said that those who want to neutralize the bad effects of Rahu in their lives should worship Lord Hanuman with real devotion.

What we call 'El Nino' was called 'Simhika' by Valmiki the celebrated Rishi-poet of Ramayana.The names might differ,but the force is the same.

Simhika tried to pull down Lord Hanuman and now 'El Nino' is pulling back the advancing monsoon.Both are aspects of the same force.So I am justified in assuming that 'El Nino' is nothing but Simhika or the effect of Rahu.

The Malaysian airplane that disappeared suddenly and could not be traced till now suffered the curse of Shapitha Yoga and the wrath of Rahu.This is to be remembered well.

Look at the picture.The Wet and warm packet in the adjacent picture appears like a snake swallowing the Dry warm packet.This is clearly the form of Rahu swallowing its prey.

I explain all this,because,such things being occult in nature,cannot be grasped by a casual look. Rahu's effects on persons could be very tricky and very queer,outwitting the best of our imagination.

In this post,I have tried to describe the effects of Rahu in a small way.There could be many more examples from daily life.They could be very different from one another and unique in each case.Rahu is a master conjurer of illusions and he knows how to bypass our intellect which does the karma but wants to escape the result without any sense of shame.

Let us wait and see how many more queer incidents/accidents are going to happen in the coming few days befitting the transit of Rahu from Tula into Kanya.

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