Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The last kiss of Rahu

The much dreaded Shapitha Yoga is running the last leg of its journey for the present.Very soon,Rahu the master conjurer of illusions is going to leave his best friend Saturn to move to Kanya Rashi.The torturous Shapitha Yoga gripping the Earth under its octopus grip for the past one and half years will end very soon.

There is a force that has been protecting the people from Shapitha Yoga from the past one year.It is the benign influence of Jupiter from Mithuna.Through this trinal aspect of Jupiter many beings have been saved from many kinds of danger even without their knowledge.

But then,if Jupiter is protecting us from Shapitha Yoga,why so many mishaps are happening everyday everywhere?--one may ask.

There is a secret here.Whoever is taking shelter with Jupiter,they are saved from dangers.On the other hand,whoever is recklessly moving away from it fell under Shapitha Yoga's influence and suffered.

Now,in the coming one and half month time,many changes are going to take place in the lives of people owing to the removal of Jupiter's trinal aspect from Tula where Saturn and Rahu are located.

Now the time is up for awarding sentences to people according to their past deeds.If you observe closely,you can see many things like sudden spurt in problems,lack of mental peace,accidents,blows,resurgence of  chronic diseases,increased boredom in life,sudden bad time etc.

Coming one month or so is a very critical time.The divine grace has withdrawn now and the humanity is exposed to the perils of Shapitha Yoga.The only protection that we can believe in is Dharma.So let us be in the boundaries of Dharma and escape the wrath of Shapitha Yoga.

The unfinished karma will be dealt by Rahu in the coming days employing very clever ways.No one is above this influence.

Practice Dharma and be safe.It is the only panacea that can save us from the ill effects of Shapitha Yoga in the coming days.

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