Thursday, 26 June 2014

GAIL pipeline blast-A solid proof of Rahu's effect+Amavasya.

Today is the New Moon day(Amavasya).There is a tragic news awaiting our attention.

GAIL company pipeline has blasted resulting in a worst kind of fire accident in the early hours of today at 'Nagaram' village (81E54;16N29) in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. According to reports,11 persons were burnt alive and 15 others received serious burn injuries.The count may increase.

I have been continuously warning that things like gas,petrol,chemicals,explosives and other dangerous goods come under the Karakatva of Rahu.Added to this, I have been warning about the violent effects of Shapitha Yoga from the past few months.Many times in the past, I have proved the compounding effect of New Moon or Amavasya in triggering such accidents.Again I wrote that Rahu and Ketu are about to change their signs and are very unstable now.

Now this sad incident happened in front of our own eyes exactly on an Amavasya day.This proves the truth in what I have been writing.

Apart from the macro factors I have mentioned in my past posts,let us look at the Astro parameters that are available today and are responsible for the sad incident.

Today's star is Ardra whose ruling deity is Rahu as per Vimsottari dasa system.This star commenced from 3.45 hours at the ill fated place.As soon as Rahu's time commenced,the blast took place.This is an irrefutable proof of Rahu's influence on the blast.

Mars is in Hasta.So Rahu's dreaded influence reached Mars via Moon and activated the blast.Mercury is retrograde in Mrigasira controlled by Mars.So Mercury is under the rule of Mars.All these factors unmistakably point out towards a worst kind of accident.

Mars Hora ran from 3.42 to 4.42 at the ill fated place.This added fuel to fire.What could we expect when Rahu's star and Mars hora run in tandem?A worst blast is the result.

The tragic car accident that happened near Idukki in Kerala the other day happened in early hours.In that accident the car fell down to the depth of 1000 meters into the adjoining valley.In a family of four,two died on the spot and two were joined in the hospital. Reports say that fog is the culprit.

Now,according to me,fog is a form of maya.Maya is that which covers the truth from our vision and makes us believe in something else.Any type of Maya is nothing but the influence of Rahu the master conjurer.

Rajadhani express incident too happened in the early hours.So it is evident that during the hours before sunrise,Rahu becomes very strong.Our scriptures describe Rahu swallowing Sun causing solar eclipse.The darkness before sunrise is a form of eclipse and it is certainly Rahu's hour.That is why all the accidents are happening in that hour.

All the mystical sadhanas are usually done before sunrise time.Why?Because,if you want to conquer Maya,you have to face it when it is very strong.That is the reason why all the shastras ask us to do our sadhana before sunrise.This is the occult secret behind the time of Brahmi Muhurta which usually runs from 3 AM to 6 AM everyday.

Some people criticize me for writing post-facto analysis.Their curiosity demands me to reveal everything in advance.I cannot predict the millions of incidents that happen everyday in everybody's life.

I have been broadly indicating the Karakatwas that are going to suffer during troubled times.Currently,I have clearly indicated in my earlier posts what are the Karkatwas of Rahu and what things are ruled by him.While dealing with those materials,one has to take more care to escape from their bad effects.It is impossible to pinpoint the innumerable effects of planets on the daily lives of people all around.But if the individual charts are available one can reasonably foretell the good and bad periods.

Some of my friends demand the forecast with pinpointed accuracy with regard to time and place.

I will disclose a secret now.Planets are not inert objects as we suppose them to be.They are conscious entities.We the Indians consider them as godly forces.Sceintists may consider planets as lumps of dead clay.They are unaware of a secret.The planets are not dead matter.They appear as living entities to the yogic astral vision.In fact,there is nothing called dead matter in this universe.What you call a 'stone' is nothing but a consolidated mass of energy.There is so much of atomic energy locked up even in a dead stone.

Suppose we come to know in advance that a tragic accident is going to happen at a certain place.If we detect it well in advance and try to stop it,the events will change themselves.They will take a different route than originally planned and finish the task.Why so?Because,there is a conscious force behind the scheme of things. It is an intelligent force.It detects our plan and cleverly changes its course.This we call 'Dridha Karma' or strong karma.Strong karma is that which cannot be avoided by any means.

Many of you might have seen the movie 'Final destination' and its sequels.It is based exactly on this theme.But they have not included the concept of remedial measures in that movie.

Indian Astrology is rich in remedial measures.We believe that,to counter strong past karma,we have to employ equally strong remedial action.Then it is possible to counter the past karma and its effects.But who gets this chance?It is not in the fate of everybody to get this chance.Only very few will be able to follow this route to wipe out their past karma.

Planetary influence on humans is a truth.Karma and its effects are facts.This is the great wisdom of India.The whole world is recognizing this wisdom slowly.But we,in the name of modern culture,are criticizing our own wisdom and losing its great boons. 

Water quenches our thirst but we have to drink it.If we procrastinate indefinitely,Time will pass on.It will not wait for us.As they say-'Time and tide wait for none'.

The whole world is bound by karma and its effects.Who is ready to conquer karma?Who has got the inclination to try it in the daily rat race?

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