Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rajadhani Express derails at Chapra Bihar-Saving grace of Guru

One more incident depicting the wrath of Rahu and the saving grace of Guru happened before our eyes yesterday.

Rajadhani Express derailed near Chapra in Bihar at 2.15 hours throwing 12 bogies away from the track.

Let me analyze this incident.

Lagna is Mesha 26 in star Bharani ruled by Lord Yama.I am not inclined to accept this as a simple co-incidence.

Lagna is with Ketu who is very much disturbed due to his Rasi Sandhi state.He is about to change Rasi shortly and hence is very uncomfortable.As expected,the Lagna is in close proximity to Ketu.This too is not a co-incidence.Of course,there is a distance of 25 degrees between Lagna and Ketu.If the distance were much less,then the impact of accident would have been much more.

Lagna Lord Mars is in 6th in his enemy's place.The role of Mars in accidents is unquestionably proved many times in the past.The present incident is nothing but an echo of this principle.

Uranus the lord of sudden sad incidents is in the last Rasi Mina in 22 degree in exact 7th aspect with Mars,the karaka for accidents.A sudden accident is the result.This is the most important yoga to be noted in this chart.

Let me have a look at Navamsa chart.

Karaka for luxury vehicles Venus is exalted with Uranus aspected by Mars in Rasi chakra.This is a clear indication for a gory accident.

Saturn is in fall with Moon and Ketu.No elaboration is needed on this point.

Mars is in fall with exalted Guru.Gurus exaltation saved the loss of life to a great extant.Looking at the pictures of derailed bogies thrown away to a great distance,one wonders how could the number of casualties be so low?This is nothing but Guru's saving grace.

At the ill fated hour,Mars hora was running.No more proof is needed other than this for the veracity of planetary horas.

The Tithi was Krishna Trayodashi which is just a day behind Amavasya.I have been warning about the dark effects of Amavasya in my Telugu blog from the past four years time and again. Amavasya effect is an undeniable fact.Interested readers can see my previous posts at

Exalted Guru in 4th and Venus in own house in 4th from Arudha acted as brakes on this mishap.Otherwise the impact of the accident would have been much more.

Guru's grace acted as a boon and saved many lives in this bad accident.

But who will understand this?Who will be grateful to God for saving their lives from the claws of untimely death?Who will mend their ways and start living righteous lives?who will lessen their egoism and start following Dharma in their day to day lives?Who will understand the ground reality, forsaking their egos?

All these questions usually go unanswered.The mystery continues.Rahu's relentless cleansing of global karma continues. After all,the play of Karma must continue and the wheel of time must rotate.Let us be vigilant and watch the play as it advances.


  1. I just happened to see the flash news on GAIL tragedy. Is it linked to Amavasya?

  2. Absolutely.Please see my post at or wait for its English equivalent in this blog.


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