Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Black Saturday-Rahu's parting gift

Planetary influence on human affairs is an irrefutable fact.On 28-6-2014 Saturday,a four storeyed building collapsed in Delhi around 8.55 hours.Many died and many were trapped under the debris.

This is a solid proof for the combined effect of Rahu,Mars and the New Moon.Shapitha yoga,it seems,is taking a toll again.

The Lagna at this time was in Aslesha,a sarpa nakshatra ruled by Rahu.Shapitha Yoga in 4th house shows destruction of house.However,Jupiter's presence in Lagna provided a protective cover to the entire episode.Otherwise,the damange would have beem much more.Incidentally the star of the day was Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter again.So the divine Jupiter saved the situation from further damage.

Mars hora was running at this place from 7.30 to 8.30.During this hour,the contributory factors for the collapse of the building must have gained strength.They say that another building was under construction at a nearby site and its construction impact must have weekened the alreay weak structure of the collapsed building.In the next Sun hora it collapased.It is notable that Sun was in Rahu star at the tragic hour.

Look at the Navamsa.Lagna lord Jupiter though exalted in 5th was with Mars in fall aspected by Sun from the house of Saturn who is in fall again.Sun was the Hora lord.Mars is the Lord of lands and buildings.4th lord Mercury is retrograde in 8th house along with Rahu.

In many older posts,I stated clearly that the effect of New Moon would linger for 3 days after that.This saturday was just the second day from the New Moon.

The disaster compass is not static.It rotates.It fructifies incidents depending upon the bad karma which comes to fruition.

We could observe many tragic incidents in day to day life of many around us in the past week days.These are the effects of Rahu,Mars,New Moon and ofcourse the Shapitha yoga.

So we can consider this Saturday as black Saturday because we could notice many tragedies on a single day.

In the morning hours many died in the building collapse in Delhi.In the evening the focus shifted to Chennai where a 11 storeyed building collapsed killing many construction workers and trapping many under its debris.

Wonder of the wonders is, the Navamsa chakra for both these charts is broadly similar.In both the charts Mina was the Lagna.4th lord Mercury is retrograde in 8th with Rahu.This is very peculiar.These two incidents happened almost 9 hours apart and still the Navamsa charts are similar.This shows,how planentary influence controls human affairs.

By evening,in Chennai,the hora lord was Venus.4th Lord Saturn in Rasi chart was in fall in Navamsa with Venus.So Chennai incident resulted in death of common labourers most of them are from Srikakulam and Vizianagaram distrcits of Andhra Pradesh.

Same day,there was a blast in a pharma company in Visakhapatnam.

There was a blast connected to gas in Kanpur.

A similar blast occured in a port in Gujarath.

All these incidents occuring on the same day,ofcouse at different places,do indicate some unseeen force.These are not mere coincidences happening just like that.Adverse planetary influence is the reason for such incidents.

On Sunday nothing noteworthy happened.Reason is weakened New Moon effect.

There happened many incidents in individual lives of many persons.Let me quote a few

My friend's son who is 14 years old,suddenly collapsed and was hospitalized.Reason?The doctors were astronished to find that the sugar level was 800+ which is an unbelievable thing in a living human being.He was immediately given insulin and after discharge from hospital was asked to take it regularly to keep the sugar levels under check.

Another young man suddenly met with an accident and lost his eye.An iron bar just penetrated into his eye and immediately three operations were conducted on him by expert surgeons,thanks to the fact that his parents are doctors themselves and could summon expert surgeons without loss of any time.Luckily the rod did not penetrate enough into the skull to damage his brain.

Globally,the current war like situation in Iraq is nothing but the handiwork of Rahu as he controls Moslems and Moslem countries.

A doubt may arise at this point.

In all these accidents,man made or otherwise,only common people are getting killed.What about the big shots who are hiding behind the veil of luxury but responsible for these deaths?Are the planets powerless to deal with them?

Karma has no bias.It never differentiates between the rich and the poor.Everyone will have to face the music when his time comes.However the music would be different in each case.

The problems of the poor are clearly visible to everybody,but those of the rich are not so.Nevertheless,they have their problems too.

Listen to a strange incident that happened in my friend's life.

His son was studying MBBS in China.So he went there to see his son.In his hurry or whatever you may call it,he chose to carry cash of 10 Lakhs with him.He was too confident of himself that he neither booked a hotel nor arranged transport in advance.He thought he could manage once he gets down in China.He did not have even a vague idea about how this overconfidence would cost him dearly.When he landed in China he found,to his utter dismay,that it was a holiday for the banks.Suddenly,with 10 lakhs cash in his hand,he was a beggar on the streets of China.

He was a known diabetic.After sometime,his sugar levels started falling down and he was about to faint on the roads.He could not buy a cup of tea as Indian currency has no value in China unless exchanged.The irony in China is,most of them do not know Enghish.So none could understand him.Finally he begged in some shops explaining his badluck.But they could not get him.

He is a proud owner of a hotel in India.He seldom comes out from his AC room,but on that fatelful day,he became a beggar in China.So finally,true to his good luck,there arrived a Chinese girl who was a professor of English in some Chinese University.She could understand my friend's plight and took pity on him.She gave him food and shelter till next day when he could exchange his cash in the banks,happily.

I know him to donate food to the beggars and destitutes quite often in Guntur.

So I told him.

"Look.Your good karma in donating food to beggars came to your rescue in China.Ma Annapurna took pity on you and helped you in the form of that Chinese girl.Your good karma helped you when you were in distress.

Our karma follows us like a shadow.It never leaves us.It may be invisible but it surely follows us wherever we go.

There is a famous Hindi proverb.

It says."In God's home,there might be delay but darkness,none"

It means--Truth prevails ultimately.

I say,this proverb might be right,but it is more misunderstood than otherwise.

In God's home there is neither delay nor darkness.

In our hurried expectation,we might think so,but there is no delay in creation.Everything has its place and time.Everything happens at its prefixed hour.

Our duty is to understand the underlying principles behind the various incidents.By doing so,we come to understand Karma and its subtleties.This is the ultimate utility of Astrology.

One may ask--'Why should we understand Karma?'

By understanding Karma,we tend to avoid accumulation of bad karma and try to promote good karma in our lives.We learn to live according to God's laws.By living so,we become nearer and dearer to God.

What more do we need in a human life?

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