Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rahu in Kanya-What would be its effect on India?

A silent planetary transit happened recently,ushering a new era of one and half year into the lives of humanity.We all know that from 13-7-2014 Rahu entered Kanya.Let me have a look at the events that will happen in India due to this transit.

Makara or Capricorn is our Natural sign in the Zodiac.Though we got independence from the British in Vrishabha,according to many Eastern and Western astrologers, Makara is India's Zodiac Sign.This allotment was given as per the natural qualities that govern our country.

So now,we have Rahu in 9th house.We all know that 9th represents foreign countries,religious matters,elders,preceptors,Gurus,holy places and activities connected to religion.Rahu rules destruction, terrorist activity,plots and coups,foreign forces and religious riots.

Combining these traits of Rahu with those of 9th house,we arrive at the following pointers.

1.Foreign policy takes the front seat.Rahu is the motive force behind the sudden spurt in our foreign policy activity.The salutary move initiated by our PM Shri Narendra Modi in strengthening our bonds with the neighboring countries is really praiseworthy.The hand of Rahu in 9th house could be clearly seen in the foreign trips undertaken by our PM.

2.Among other things,Rahu controls fundamentalist Muslim activity in a strong way.So we have imminent danger from sections like Taliban and Al-Qaida.A possibility of their activities to re-appear in our country in active form cannot be ruled out.Religious riots also may flare up instigated by these forces in sensitive cities.

3.There is a possibility of holy places like famous temples,tourist spots or famous religious figures getting targeted during this 1.5 years time.

4.Religious leaders or old celebrities may die in accidents or from incurable diseases.

5.Kanya is the natural 6th house representing disease.So,epidemic diseases may endanger the lives of people.Especially diseases we thought were wiped out may raise their heads again.Some of them may be Malaria,Dengue,Japanese Encephalitis etc.Viral fevers and diseases caused or spread by flying insects like flies and mosquitoes may cause trouble. 

6.As Kanya is an Earthy sign and Rahu who represents Mercury gets control over the land,natural calamities like earth quakes are very much likely.

7.Internal bickering in religious organisations is in the offing.

There are a few good things too in the basket of Rahu.I always emphasize the bad things because they need forewarning.Good things need not concern us very much as they are welcome by one and all.

So,to satisfy your curiosity,let me forecast a few good things.

8.A policy decision will be announced by the Central Government to promote the welfare of Muslims.This will go a long way in winning over the goodwill of minority sections.

9.Religious tourism will touch new horizons in our country.Many religious tourist packages will be announced catering to all sections of people and touching the nooks and corners of the country.

10.Bullish phase will continue with steady gains in share market.

Great care is essential in the bad things indicated above.The Government and the people are advised to take pro-active steps in the areas indicated,to prevent untoward happenings.

'A stitch in time,always saves nine'- says an old adage.

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