Tuesday, 1 July 2014

China oil pipe leakage-HongKong protests-Nigeria car bomb blast-Rahu's march continues

On 30-6-2014 Monday evening, there was an oil pipeline accident near Dalian,a Chinese port city.

Fuel comes under one of the Karakatvas of Rahu.This has been stated by me many times in the past.

It was Sukla Tritiya,bright 3rd day from New Moon,on that day.There is no news on how many were dead or injured in the accident.Official estimates say that about 20,000 people were evacuated from the surroundings to safer zones.

This incident happened around 6.15 PM.Star Aslesha was on run at that time.Aslesha is a Sarpa Nakshatra ruled narutally by Rahu.Is it not astonishing that this accident happened on a day ruled by Rahu?

Countries,like men,have Zodiac signs.Some people take the independence lagna of a country as its natural lagna/Rasi.This is not agreeable to me.Many countries never suffered slavery and remained independent from ancient times.Moreover,a country very much existed much before its independence from a foreign country.

So,a country's Zodiac sign is to be decided,not on the basis of its independence date,but based on its natural traits.This approach is logical and agreeable.Alan Leo decided the Zodiacal signs of countries based on ancient treatises and his own observation.Later,many western astrologers tried their hands at this task.

Countries and men do share common qualities.Zodiacal signs of countries are to be decided based on this approach.All the countries on the Earth conveniently fall into 12 Zodiac signs as these signs govern human nature in its entirety.

In my view,Scorpio suits well for China.Why? Because,Scorpio people are very secretive in nature.They are afraid that their secrets would be known to the world.They are quite apprehensive and adamant.They are highly selfish too.They never care for the feelings of others.For them,their work is paramount in importance and in the process of achieving it they would not mind trampling on others mercilessly.

The sign of India is Capricorn.Scorpio is 11th to us and a friendly sign.But it being a badhaka sign to Makara,we have many border problems and frequent border skirmishes with China.Though we are friends,these troubles tend to continue.

Moreover,the symbol of China is the famous Dragon which is a very close replica of Scorpio.So I consider Scorpio as the Natural sign of China.

Now,the Shapitha Yoga ensues in 12th house to Scorpio indicating heavy loss.True to this indication,the oil pipeline leakage took place on Monday in the star of Rahu.Lagna was in Rasi Sandhi between Scorpio and Sagittarius.Star lord Mercury was in 8th house,himself in Rasi Sandhi.That is why a grave accident happened whereby about 20,000 people had to be evacuated from the danger zone.

Yesterday,thousands of citizens came out into the streets of Hong Kong and staged a protest.It has to be remembered that the population of Hong Kong are basically Chinese.

So,it can be easily understood that planetary influence encompasses many levels ranging from causing natural calamities to arousing the feelings of people in strange manner.The star that ran yesterday in Hong Kong was Aslesha again.

However,there was no major loss of life in both the incidents. Reason is the aspect of exalted Jupiter from Cancer.Without Jupiter's benign and protective aspect the impact would have been much more.The loss of life too,would have been much more.

Yesterday,in North Eastern Nigeria a car bomb exploded killing about 50 on the spot and destroying many cars and two wheelers by its impact.This incident happened in a busy market area.It is notable that yesterday was Tuesday ruled by Mars and the star was Aslesha.Lagna was Cancer with Exalted Jupiter and Moon.Hora Lord Venus was karaka for cars and a car bomb caused the accident.It is to be remembered that Venus was in Badhaka stana to the lagna.It is to be noted that Rahu and Saturn the instigators of Shapitha Yoga are in 4th house from Lagna,showing danger from vehicles.

Death of 50 people seems to be very grave,but not so,if we take into account that the place was a busy market area.Most of the shopkeepers were fasting for Ramzan and did not open the shops at that time.Otherwise,the impact could have been much more killing many more persons.It means,Jupiter who is the karaka for religion saved loss of life in this way.This is how planets act on human affairs.

It is to be noted that Lagna is with exalted Jupiter and Moon constituting Gaja Kesari Yoga.This was the protective cover that saved further loss of life.

I have illustrated all these incidents to show how Shapitha Yoga works.There are many more incidents of similar nature happening everywhere around the world testifying to the march of Rahu.

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