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A worst week for airlines-Astro reasons

Three spine chilling airplane disasters took place in a span of six days in July 2014.In last year,the count was less than one in two million flights.

It appears,atleast to an astrological mind,that there is something else behind these mishaps,other than reasons commonly attributed to them.

This assumption gains credence because the mishaps took place despite all the possible care taken in running the flights.When we see three similar accidents happening within a span of 6 days,it strikes to our mind that there must be something peculiar in that week.

Let us look at the opinion of international community before looking at the astro pointers of the week.

Less than one in 2 million flights last year ended in an accident in which the plane was damaged beyond repair, according to the International Air Transport Association. That includes accidents involving cargo and charter airlines as well as scheduled passenger flights.
"One of the things that makes me feel better when we look at these events is that if they all were the same type event or same root cause then you would say there's a systemic problem here, but each event is unique in its own way," said Jon Beatty, president and CEO of the Flight Safety Foundation, an airline industry-supported nonprofit in Alexandria, Virginia, that promotes global aviation safety.
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Unaware of the astro reasons,they thought that as the number of services grow,the chances of disasters too grow in arithmetic proportion.It might be true as per the mathematical theory of probability,but mathematics alone cannot govern human life.There are many forces outside its ambit that govern our lives and decide our destinies.

Let us now look at the planets.

It all begun on July 18th when a Malaysian flight was shot down while flying over Ukrainian air space resulting in death of 298 passengers.
On July 23rd a Trans Asia Airways plane crashed in Taiwan killing 48 passengers and 20 others.
Next day,on 24th July an Algerian plane crashed sending 116 passengers to heaven.

So,between 18th and 24th of July three air disasters happened all of them being passenger carrying flights,killing 482 people.
Any unbiased mind will agree with me instantly and say-'Yes.There seems to be something strange about this week which killed so many innocent persons.'
Now,let us look at the Astro factors responsible for these mishaps,at least according to me.

We in India,especially those in the South who follow the luni-solar calender,call this month Ashadha Masam in tune with Purvashadha star obtaining on the Full Moon day of this month.It is also called a Shunya Masam,meaning a month of vaccume.

It has been observed my many that those who were born in this month tend more towards spiritual wisdom as opposed to material growth.They like to reach a state of Shunya or void.The Void is also called Fullness.What is Void is also Full.What is Shunya is also Purna.They are obverse and reverse of the same coin.The famous Guru Purnima(Full Moon day on which one's Guru is worshipped) comes in this month.
If the month is responsible for these mishaps,then they should have happened always in the past,every time when this month comes around in every year.But,it is not the case always.Then what is special about it now?What is the magic sauce?
The magic sauce is the Shapitha Yoga running now.This magic is all about Rahu,Saturn and Mars.These three planets will never be in these positions in every Ashadha Masam every year.That is the magic sauce.
Now let us look into what is so special about this week from 18-7-2014 to 24-7-2014.

The Planetary position for 18-7-2014 is given here.Look at the planets.Rahu,Mars and Saturn are located in one row in adjacent Rasis.Leaving the company of Rahu,Mars is travelling towards Saturn his dire enemy.He is sandwitched between Rahu and Saturn.This is called Papargala effect in Indian Astrology and gives rise to accidents and disasters.As Mars and Saturn are both in an Airy sign,disasters are more in air space.

In Navamsa,Saturn is in fall in the sign of Mars,hence very uncomfortable.As both are very badly placed,they give rise to disasters.Added to this,Rahu joined them,causing an explosive effect.

This is the planetary position on 23-7-2014.Here we are nearing Amavasya,the new Moon.Amavasya has always had a very depressing effect on world affairs.Mars is more closer to Saturn than before,but Saturn himself is devoid of his retrogression by now.So,the gravity of the accident and the death toll are less in this case.

This is the chart of 24-7-2014.Here we have exact degree aspect between Venus and Neptune resulting in adverse weather condition to the flight.
Moreover,since 28-6-2014 there was exact quincunx aspect between Uranus and Saturn.Hence sudden mishaps are likely to happen, killing common people at large.

Summing up,

>>Quincunx aspect between Uranus and Saturn,
>>Ashadha Masam,
>>Amavasya (New Moon) effect
>>Exact Trinal aspect between Venus and Neptune.
>>The cursed yoga formed by Rahu,Saturn and Mars.

are the key reasons behind the serial mishaps that occured in a week.

One of the many utilities of Astrology is to warn us about a Great Power which is overseeing all things and granting results according to our Karma.If our analysis drives us to this realization,the purpose is fulfilled in a way more than expected.

Now let me explain a few subtleties of Karma.

People think that by knowing our future beforehand,we could safely escape from its clutches.Need not necessarily so.Just by knowing ahead,you cannot escape your Karma.Why? Because,there are subtle differences in every Karma.Each and every action is not the same as the other.

For some people,I suggest-"No use of remedies in your chart.You have to experience and suffer.Your past karma is so strong that unless you experience the result,it will not leave you.But I can suggest one thing.While experiencing the results now,be calm and quiet,surrender to God and take life as it comes peacefully.At least you wont create new karma now,by doing so.'

For some charts,you cannot prescribe any remedy.When the past Karma is too strong to be remedied,you cannot escape from its results.You have to experience some Karmas.When you act in haste,you have to repent at leisure.Nature is not so naive to release you from the net of Karma without first nailing you down at its altar.

Strong Karma haunts you and hunts you unfailingly, where ever you might go to hide in the whole world.

So our elders advise us-

"Be very careful while doing an action.Never ever harm anybody.Never think that you can do any damn thing and go scot-free.Every act of yours has a boomerang effect on your life.Look before you leap.Think deeply before you do a Karma.Remember-there is a Supreme Power ruling over this Universe and it is observing you.You cannot escape its net.'

This is one of the greatest gifts of India to the world-the Karma theory.In fact it is not a mere theory but a fact of everyday life.It is the infallible and invisible principle that governs our day to day life,in every aspect of it.

The planetary Yogas explained above are the immediate causes of all the disasters that happened in this week.And our collective Karma is the remote cause.

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