Friday, 18 July 2014

MH 17 Malaysia plane crash -Astro indicators

MH 17 airplane carrying 298 passengers crashed in Ukraine on Thursday 17-7-2014.Ukraine Government and the pro-Russian rebels are blaming each other for this mishap.It is impossible for any passenger on board a flight,flying at a height of more than 30,000 feet to survive when the plane crashes.Most of them must have died in the air from the impact of shock.

Many of us tend to take planets in a lighter vein and pass sarcastic comments on Astrology.It is a great mistake.We come to know the power of planets only when we experience them in our lives.But by then,it would be too late to realize our folly.

I dont want to believe that terrorists will shoot mindlessly at a passenger plane.They too know pretty well that innocent passengers have no role to play in international war games.I strongly suppose that,those who wanted to shoot the plane must be aiming at something else.May be it was a flight carrying some dignitary returning from BRICS(Brazil,Russia,India,China,SouthAfrica) summit.Somehow they missed their target and finished the MH-17 carrying 298 innocent passengers.

Though the cruel roles of Rahu,Mars and Saturn are visible in this mishap,it is the benevolent Jupiter who saved the heads of states from getting shot.But for the saving grace of Jupiter,we would now be looking at a news laden with greater and deeper shock waves.

Now let me look at this from the Astro angle to understand a few deeper issues lurking behind the scene.

Rahu is now in Kanya.We have been discussing his role from the past few weeks.He represents exalted Mercury who in turn indicates hyperactive terrorists all around the globe.Wars and war like situations everywhere are the results of Rahu,Mars and Saturn.

Look at Israel and Palestine.The conflict is deepening day by day and reaching a point of no return,both sides losing many men heavily.This again is the effect of Rahu.

Terrorist activity gaining force everywhere,again,is the handiwork of the great Rahu.

Now Mars has left the company of Rahu and heading fast towards Saturn.The signs involved are Kanya the Earthy sign and Tula the Airy sign.

In the current mishap,the airplane was grounded by a 'surface to air missile'.The role of two signs representing Earth and Air is clearly visible in this tragedy.This again is the handiwork of Rahu.

Now look at the astrological and numerological significance of MH 17.

M is the 13th letter in English alphabet.The root number 4 indicates Ketu who is the counterpart of Rahu.

H is the 8th letter indicating Saturn.

Now from 17 we get Saturn again.

If we convert MH 17 into numbers it becomes 13-8-17.

The numbers when rooted become 4-8-8 indicating Ketu-Saturn-Saturn.Further reduction of this number results in 2 which is Rahu again.So the effect of Rahu is clearly visible in this number.

Now let me look at the issue from another angle.

They say that according to latest reports there are 298 passengers on board the plane.

Now, 2 means Rahu again,9 means Mars(according to one school of thought) and 8 is Saturn.Now the pattern is complete.It is Rahu-Mars and Saturn.

Numbers clearly correlate with astrological significations.

What I have been saying from the past few weeks is coming true.Transit of Rahu into Kanya will strengthen terrorists all around the globe.Mars caught between Rahu and Saturn will pave the way for destruction everywhere.

Many more incidents are in the offing.Let us wait and see how the drama will unfold day by day.


  1. Why cannot this be predicted earlier and precious lives could have been saved ?


  2. A precious family has already been saved from boarding the flight.

  3. Why only one ? Why not all


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