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MH 17 disaster-Karma and its subtleties

Not a single day passes without delivering to me mails loaded with questions from the curious readers of my Telugu blog.More often than not,these readers are at sixes and sevens on the bewildering and perplexing subtleties of Karma that I talk about day in and day out.

I received many mails of similar kind after I wrote on the latest MH 17 disaster.

Many of these mails end up saying -'You write a post-facto analysis always.Why cant you predict before it happens?Why cant you avert the mishap by sounding an early alarm?Why cant you save lives thereby?'

Some of my close friends sing the same song.I am amused to look at their naive innocence.I pity them always because they are not aware of the subtle workings of karma.

It is very easy to foresee events in individual astro charts but not so in mundane matters, at least always.We can modify our life events by observing proper remedies in our day to day lives.I did see many miracles in my life and in those of my close associates after we preformed remedies to counter bad events that threaten to happen. Performing remedies is not so easy as many suppose it to be.One should be destined to be able do remedies and alter his Karma.

Many times,when I advise people what to do,they come back and report to me that they could not do them as advised.They are obstructed many times, by very queer and peculiar turn of events.All this sounds like a fairy tale,but it is nothing but truth.

A family escaped the MH-17 disaster.They had a close shave with death.They could not board the flight because they could not get seats in it.So they got their tickets in another flight for which they felt sorry initially.But later,when the news of the mishap arrived,they were thunderstruck and started thanking the unknown power that altered their destiny and saved their lives.Such is the work of Karma.

Many times mass destruction can be foreseen well ahead of its actual happening.But to avert it is not in the hands of human beings.It is called 'Samuhik Dridh Karma' or 'very strong mass karma'.It can be altered provided an equal sacrifice is done by somebody to satisfy the Karmic Law in operation at the site.But where do we find people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of others?Who is ready to pay the fee for the folly of an unknown person?

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is the law of Nature.We find this mentioned in the scriptures of many religions including the Bible.We find its reference in Exodus 21.24 and Mathew 5.38.There is nothing called 'Mercy' in Nature,but only 'Law'.To save a life,somebody has to sacrifice his life.This is the eternal law of Nature.In India,we call this the inexorable law of Karma.

A real incident from my life that happened a few years back will illustrate the matter more clearly.

I had a friend who used to argue with me on this point long and short.I used to explain him with lot of patience,only to find him unconvinced in the end.It is not the logic that used to fail him,but his ego never allowed him to accept my explanation.

He used to argue vehemently that the ultimate utility of Astrology is to avert the bad events that are going to happen in our lives.I used to agree with him on this point but with a slight modification.I used to say that every Tom,Dick and Harry cannot be able to do this.

Finally,unable to convince him with my logic,I used to keep silent thinking that only experience would teach him a lesson in Karma.

One day,he brought to me his son-in-law's birth chart.When I looked into it,I had an instant feeling that time has come to teach him what he has been searching for,through a practical example.

I found in the chart that the native is going to face an accident in the near future.So I told my friend that his son-in-law will get into an accident very soon.

His reply was on expected lines.

'I will believe in your Astrology,if you could avert this mishap' he blurted out.

I had a hearty laugh.

'How would you believe if it is averted?If it never happens,you would argue that my prediction had failed.Daily we miss many an accident without our knowledge,but we never thank God for His grace.So if it never happens,how would you know that it missed you?'- I asked.

He thought over it for a while.

'Not exactly.If I have to believe in what you say,the conditions for the accident must materialize but it should be averted.Only then I will believe in you.'- he thought he was very wise in saying so.

This time I had a belly laugh.

People think they are very intelligent and outwit even Jackals in their cunningness,but they cannot escape their final destination.

'So you are so arrogant to dictate terms to God and Nature on how they should behave,eh?' I asked him.

'You say whatever you like.I wont believe you till I get what I want" he said.

'I care a foot if you believe me or not.Neither do I have any urgent need to make you believe in what I say' I retorted.

'You cannot escape me by saying so' he answered cleverly.Or so he thought.

'Ok.I agree to your proposal.If you want me to save your son-in-law you will have to do a remedy' I suggested him.

He was elated with joy.

'Sure.Why not?How much does it cost?' he answered quickly.

'Dont be hasty.This has got nothing to do with money.You have to do a remedy here and now.' I said.

He looked at me with suspicion.

'Tell me what it is' he quipped.

'Once I reveal what it is,you should not go back.Promise me' I demanded.

'Yes I do' he said.

'You should not go back on your word' I said again.

'Our family is known for keeping our word.'- he said haughtily.

'Great to hear that.Ok.Take this knife and bottle'-saying so I handed over them to him.

He was confused.

So I said 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth' is Nature's law.In tune with this law,you have to sacrifice for your son-in-law.Your act of sacrifice will save him.Are you ready?'

'What do you want me to do with these?' he asked looking at the knife and bottle.

'First,stab in the hollow of your right elbow with the knife and pour the blood into the bottle' I said.

He was dumbstruck.

'What?Do you call this remedy?I thought you would suggest some worship or Mantra or some similar thing.What is this?This is totally inhuman.' he blurted out.

'Yes.To counter a gory incident we have to resort to a gory remedy. Who said this is not worship? Come on do it' I demanded him.

He remained staring into my face.

'I cant do it.' he said finally.

'Why?' I demanded.

'Suppose I do it.Can you guarantee me that the supposed accident would be averted? He asked.

'Take my word.It would be averted' I assured him.

'How do I know that it is averted? What is the proof? he demanded.

'Can you not sacrifice a few milliliters of your blood for the sake of your son-in-law?' I questioned him.

'Sorry,I cant do this.' He said throwing away the knife.

'So you dont care whatever happens to your son-in-law,eh?' I asked him teasingly.

He became violent.

'You think you are the only one who knows Astrology? There are any number of people like you in the streets.I will take their advice.I cant do this inhuman remedy' He shouted and got up to leave.

'Yes.You cant do this inhuman remedy.But you can't remain without undertaking an inhuman profession either.Can you?' I teased him again.

He was involved in Finance business(money lending) and real estate business.Both these fields are known to be inhuman and ruthless.

He got up and disappeared.

After some months,a very queer thing happened.

His son-in-law,while driving a car keeping his elbow protruding out into the door window,met with an accident.A lorry brushed past his car,hit his elbow and smashed it.His elbow was fractured and he was admitted in a hospital.Complications developed speedily and the hand had to be amputated upto elbow.

Later,I used to see my friend many times in the market,but he was so angry with me that he never talked to me.I used to smile to myself and keep quiet.

He thought that though I could foresee the event and could know the remedy well,I did not tell him and teased him unnecessarily.He thought I played a cruel practical joke on him.

I came to know through some of my friends that he died recently.

We should not decide on the remedies.We should have the courage to perform them whatever their demand might be.Only then,Karma can be countered.Only then,we can alter our destiny.

In the recent MH-17 plane crash,298 passengers died.There are many innocent children in them.So we think this is unfortunate and all these people could have been saved.

Nature's laws are different.The march of Karma is inscrutable.

In a drama,we just look at a scene and think that it is everything.We dont look at the past and future and how all the three are linked.

The spectator knows only one scene.But the director knows all the scenes and all the script.So he is never perturbed.He never weeps,never laughs,but remains silent always.The poor spectator,sometime laughs,sometime weeps,unable to know the full script.

I will relate an incident that happened a few years back in India.

A mother was preparing her son to school.In the hurry she did not notice a scorpion in the shoe of the kid.The scorpion on its part bit the kid promptly and kept biting him while he was on his  way.The boy collapsed in the school and died.

The mother was a follower of Swami Chinmayananda.So she met the Swami in a weeping mood and questioned him why this sad thing happened.

He questioned her.

'You are worried over the loss of your child.But what about the life of the scorpion?You never seem to care about its life.A life is a life, be it that of a child or a scorpion.How could there be differences in life force?'

You feel that the child is 'yours'.This sense of 'mine' gives you agony.On the other hand,the life of a scorpion carries no value to you.You consider it as a worthless creature.But Nature is not obliged to think so.It does not owe you any obligation.

Suppose the scorpion's mother is here.It too can argue that its child is dead.It may hold you responsible for this sin.In Nature's sight your son's life is as good as a scorpion's life.

When our vision is limited by our thoughts we cant look far.The same vision when becomes wide and deep can see the past and future.Nature's laws appear as immature and childish to our myopic vision.But when you understand its deeper workings then your realize that there is nothing called injustice in Nature.What you sow,so you reap.

Accidents can be averted and lives can be saved.But someone must sacrifice for the loss of a life with his life.Who will come forward to do this?

The world has seen only one Jesus till now.Another is yet to be born.

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